Forensic Services — MMCC is a representative of IMIX (link to IMIX.NL) as a US representative of the premier forensic video analysis solution system in the world. MMCC also represents BIAS, an audio analysis solution, in presenting client services to end-users.

video — MMCC is a video production house capable of shooting with both film and video. Our award winning staff will take a client's idea and convert it to the appropriate message.


We handle all location and post production of TV, instructional/educational, marketing, interactive, DVD, and film on location or in our facility. Our ability to call upon outside expertise allows us to work in a timely manner within budget.

web — MMCC employs a complete web design team to produce modern E-commerce and database sites. Our experienced staff uses both simple and dynamic design to ensure the page has the maximum effect on the desired audience. We tailor our web sites to fit our clients’ unique needs.

print — MMCC designs every type of print media, from local papers to national magazines. Our graphic artists and copywriters work together to produce flyers, business cards, brochures, outdoor, direct mailers, print advertisements, and non-traditional.

legal presentations — MMCC specializes in accident reconstructions using expert witness material to present exhibits in a timely manner that are clear and communicate your message. From video documentaries to settlement proposals, to trial presentations with animation, charts, graphs, crime scene reenactments, enlargements, medical illustrations or support equipment in and out of the courtroom, MMCC will support you. Our web presentations support legal cases worldwide. Staff and contract professionals can provide location audio, video and photographic resources on your request.

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